Well in an older thread someone told me to buy a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410+ an Overdrive Pedal. My budget is around 1000.
850 for the amp
150 maybe 200 for the Pedal
Now I'm wondering if the overdrive of that is as good as the overdrive of some other amps for that price.
Thank you for answers

Edit: I'm not talking about Trash Metal etc.
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The radial tonebone range has amazing distortions/overdrives. The blues deville (not the hot rod) and one of those pedals (roughly €160) will give you almost any sound you want from smooth overdrive to gentle breakups to face melting fuzz

Actually cheap enough if you go used
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What genres of music do you play?
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i play blues, bluesrock, classic rock, hard rock, and maybe some iron maiden stuff... so i dont need more gain than 80s metal. so what about the Hughes & Kettner Tubeman? i know its not cheap but i think i could afford it.