I'm finishing school this year and I've been looking to go study music. I live in South Africa and would like to know if there's anybody around here that's knowledgeable on the schools and if you've studied music around here, where you studied and your opinion.

I've been looking into what the Pretoria Technikon and the University of Cape Town are offering because I've heard good stuff about both.

And whilst I was 'researching', I found that the requirements for the UCT are that you have to have grade V theory and grade VII practical on UNISA standards. I haven't done too much theory, so how long does it take to get to that level and how do I go about it?
Try CPA? Campus of Performing Arts, apparently very good. It's very near to Eastgate (the Mall)...

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I'm glad he handled it calmly. Joe Satriani should realize that with only 7 notes in the world, some songs are going to sound similar.

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