We are a fairly new Hard rock / Metal band that have been together for a couple of months now; we have already performed a gig at school and will soon be peforming at Eastwoods Vibe (A huge out door music event) on the 18th July.

We sofar have three completed songs but many more lyrics, riffs and solos are in the making.

The band consists of 5 members including:

Vocalist: Luke James
Lead Guitarist: Tristan Thirkill
Drummer: Stuart Vaughan
Bassist: Calijah Henderson
Rhythm Guitarist: Sam Walters

I am Luke James and I have been singing for just under a year, I’ve never had vocal lessons and don’t intend to have them as I have my own unique Axl Rose / Bon Jovi style singing voice (So much for "Unique" :P). Our bassist has been playing just for a couple of months but hes slowly getting the hang of it. Our drummer being self taught is very good and has been playing for about three years. Our Rhythm guitarist has been playing for a year and he's pretty good, he also sometimes acts as a back up singer as he covered for me while I was on holiday once. Finally we have our lead guitarist who I consider the highlight of the band, he is extremely talented and very creative, if you want an amazing solo and riff in the click of a finger Tristans the man!

Band Website: www.TheKenicle.co.cc

We eventually will upload one or two of our songs to YouTube, I do believe 2 songs are already on YouTube but that was the old Kenicle when there was just Tristan and Stuart (Tristan is god awful at singing).

That pretty much concludes our band, thank you very much for reading.
We all love the fail-tar!
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Today the band performed there first ever public gig!

I write my own lyrics and do the vocals for the band; we were the only band to perform our own songs. Unfortunately the audiences were mainly low life chavs and idiots however it was still pretty fun.

The only other band to perform from our school were a bunch of 12year olds in a band called "Memo", They did an Enter Sand man instrumentals and a American idiot cover, there pretty good.

If you’re interested and want to see some pictures please checkout:
www.Thekenicle.co.cc and checkout the blog =D

Thanks for your interest.
We all love the fail-tar!