I wanted to know if there are any good amplifiers available for around 600 dollars (well, actually I have 550 euros). I play hardrock/metal and mainly use a MusicMan Axis Sport and Epiphone Les Paul. I really don't care for brands or anything, as long as I can get a good value for my money. And yes, I know I will not be able to buy state of the art racks with this amount of money, but I just wanted to know what my options are. Thanks in advance! :-)
Sounds like Bugera to me
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used, a Carvin V3 or Legacy, a Line 6 Vetta or Flextone. New, Vox Nightrain or Peavey Windsor. Check other peoples' reccomendations on that Peavey-not so sure

EDIT: Yes ^ Bugera, but beware the reliability issues people used to have
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id recommend a bugera if you're just doing metal/hi-gain stuff. they arent good for much else.
Thanks for all the fast replies, I'll check out Bugera for sure, and I'll write down all the other amps you guys have recommended.
^ Yeah, I play all sorts of music, but my band plays stuff like Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Metallica and the likes, so I should focus on the sound of the band, surely since I have a Roland over here which makes the other styles I play sound fairly decent.
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I'm going to say a used Mesa F-30 would be your best bet, but a Bugera would be nice too.


Also look for a used Peavey 6505/5150.
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id recommend a bugera if you're just doing metal/hi-gain stuff. they arent good for much else.

Not really, the cleans on their high gain heads are pretty good and now they've got Marshall Plexi and JCM900 clones too (1990 and 1960) so they've got lots of stuff covered. Soon, they'll clone all the tube amps in the world and you won't ever need to buy anything else.
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