Hi, I'm looking for a new (buying used) combo. Well more than likely a combo since I probably can't afford and don't need a stack. Kinda style I'm mostly concerned about is things like fugazi, have heart, verse, bracewar, youth of today, the carrier, life long tragedy, gorilla biscuits, flipper, minor threat, wolf whistle, blacklisted, ceremony...

I'm only willing to spend $1000 (well save) and that's pushing it. It sounds like the 5150/6505s would be great, but would a combo be out of my price range? I know a cab/head is well over $1000 AUD used. If it matters, I'll be more than likely using an epi SG when I get a new amp.

I also read about the "Fallen Angel" amps, I haven't seen a combo on ebay yet (and haven't even seen 1 5150/6505 combo yet) Would that amp be any good?

Anyway, I'm really looking for some recommendations. Thanks in advance.
lol? honestly i haven't heard of ANY of those bands...

which i could help but i don't know what sound you are looking for
This is something you could look into.

Bugera 6262. It is essentially a 6505 clone, particularly in it's bassy, compressed, high-gain drive channel. But this has a more usable clean channel and sounds that little bit better at low volumes. It is ideal for gigging also.

You can try and pick one of these up second-hand as it's over your price range at the moment. Or you may know a few better Australian shops.

That's all I can think of. I'm not very "up" on Australian amp searching.

A guy named shadow_666 is knowledgeable I believe.
i feel like you could get minor threat tone with any amp with a gain channel, and any guitar with a neck humbucker

edit: i do like minor threat a lot though
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Haha I don't blame you. And I assume you won't enjoying hearing them (if you decide to have a brief look) But here's some links for anyone willing to get an idea. There's a few different styled bands, but mostly hardcore punk related.

Here are some links to the more important with one song, so just check out a tiny bit of each song if you feel like it. I'll keep it to a minimum because I know nearly all of you won't enjoy this stuff.. I appreciate it though. Thanks.

Fugazi (bed for scarping, or any song really)
Life Long Tragedy (Just try "Hey Death")
More Than Life (Just listen to the start of "Faceless Name" to save yourself from any vocals)

Okay, a special warning on this one. If you hated the previous ones this is gonna hurt your ears (probably)...
Wolf Whistle (Try ruins, Lazaruz's laugh or slow chariot)

Those are the most important to me.

I heard about those bugera amps, I might wait and hope a used combo comes up. I'll have a look at those randall amps to. Thanks.

Haha and yeah I get what you're saying about the minor threat tone, to bad it's not really the biggest priority of mine.

EDIT: I ebay searched the randall amps, the closest thing that I got was this...

Yeah I'm not to sure what kinda bands I'd end up in the future. But it'd be similar to one of those types of bands or a mix of a couple of them so I just 'wanna keep as many doors open as I can if that makes sense.
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Minor Threat are awesome. I've only heard Fugazi and Gorilla Biscuits out of the others. They were good also.
What do you think of the Ashton VP100 head? It's real cheap for what it is. I've read mixed reviews. About 2-3 of the maybe 8-10 I read were bad. The rest were really good. I could get this head for $500 australian, and manage to buy a cab and keep it under $1000. Good or bad idea? Could this thing do what I want it to? Also if it could, at least I wouldn't have to upgrade to do gigs if I had to get something a lot smaller.
I have an Ashton PA system and it does the job. I can't really comment on the amplifiers as I've had no experience with them at all. I've heard very little about them as well. Have you checked harmony central for reviews?
Yeah I read some reviews, most scored it 7-10 in everything except sometimes customer service. Then about 2-3 people out of the 10 gave it fairly low scores.
What bands are those?

Edit: oh
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Quote by TimeIsTheEnemy
Yeah I read some reviews, most scored it 7-10 in everything except sometimes customer service. Then about 2-3 people out of the 10 gave it fairly low scores.
as i said, i have no experience with their amps, but their reliability has been considered poor by some. that's not to say you should avoid their amps. if you buy them brand new, there are return policies availible from the both the store you purchased if from and the company itself.
they have been compared to bugera amps, which are hit and miss. but generally they are very good value and have a nice tone.
if you can try one out, that should alleviate any doubt.

sorry i couldn't be any more helpful.