Squier Standard Jazz

I just wanna know which would be the better deal?

If i get the squier, i'm probably not gonna wanna spend more on pups. And i've been told that SXs are very good after a pup change.

If you say SX, which pups should i get? I've been thinking about buying the Fender Original Jazz Bass pickups.

thank you.

(btw, this is gonna be my first bass, but i know i'm gonna keep it, so i want it to be pretty good.)
If you can get a Squier Vintage Modifed or Classic Vibe Jazz then you will have a better bass than those two. The Vintage Modified Jazz has Duncan Designed pups which are fantastic to find stock in a bass in that pricerange IMO.

But of those two options I'd probably go for the Squier. As for pickups, it depends on what sort of sound you want. A common upgrade is a pair of Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pounders, but there are other people here who are better informed than me.

I was looking at those QPs a few minutes ago, and i think imma get those if i get the SX.
I just don't wanna spend TOO much money on the bass, because i kinda wanna start saving for the amp ASAP.