I just recieved my Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 in the mail.

I was so excited to get it, then I pulled it out of the box, and looked at it under the light.
There were light scratches everywhere, the kind you get from your belt scratchign against the body, but these scratches were on the back AND front. And the tuning eads are scratched, and the worst part, is that on the back of a tuning head, theres some green junk.

Has anyone had to deal with somethign like this? If so, will Musicians Friend charge me to ship it back?
If i'm not mistaken, you can just call and use the return label and just ship it back. That's what i did when i ordered a keyboard i didn't like. Lol.

MF has the best customer service i know, imo.

Just call...it wouldn't hurt.