hi, well, i got a Squier California Strat (Basswood) and is an S-S-S guitar (with no "swimming pool routing")
i wanted to make it an H-S-H strat because i really like the feel on the guitar but i want a heavier sound and i don't like single sized humbuckers

so i want to put a full size humbucker (im gonna send it to a luthier for routing) and because here i can access to Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan pickups only
i was between the SD "JB model" and de Dimarzio "Super Distortion"
what would you recommend?
i play Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Ozzy, Dio, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, etc

I know that my amp is crap and i need another one but im gonna buy the amp that i want by the end of the year and i cant stand playing Heavy Metal with single coils, i just dont like it
any suggestions?
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well if I were you, and I had the same choice pretty much, I had a HSS strat and changed out the humbucker, I would go with the JB, it is more versatile in my opinion for what I play, however, if you play heavier stuff go with the Super Distortion.
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the super distortion is pretty incredible. i had it in a basswood guitar before, and the only way i can really describe it was it sounded as clear as glass. it was amazing. sounded more acoustic than some acoustics, if possible. with distortion is could get pretty heavy and you could hear every note in a chord. was awesome, still waiting to get a new guitar to put a super distortion in again!
I actually think a Duncan Distortion would be better. SH-5 or SH-6.
just get some single coil sized humbucker's and save yourself some work.
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I'd go with a JB, I actually like how they sound in lighter, brighter guitars, but use lower value pots, 250k, anything more and it's going to sound like an ice pick to the ear.
IMO, the JB is only good for really high gain.

It fails at everything else, well, every time I try and play something different with it, it ends up sucking - especially cleans.
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Quote by Simsimius
IMO, the JB is only good for really high gain.

It fails at everything else, well, every time I try and play something different with it, it ends up sucking - especially cleans.

The JB coil split sounds pretty good clean.
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I don't see how one can think the JB sounds bad clean when the other option is a Duncan Distortion.

The only problem I've ever had with the JB is that it gets ice picky and in a heavier guitar the bottom end gets flabby and muds up.
I love the Super Distortion. One of the best pickups I've ever used considering my style.

I shall one day buy myself an Epiphone Black Beauty, just for what I would do after ridding of those stock pups. Obviously a Super Distortion will go in the bridge. The other two spots I'm still deciphering myself. The guitar itself is pretty awesome too.

TS, either will suit you well. Depends on which you like better.
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Only time Ive seen a true single coil in a chrome humbucker housing was chinese knock off where they claimed it was a humbucker but half the housing was empty.
I can't comment on the Super Distortion, but I will say this about the JB/basswood combo: I've got a basswood guitar with a JB humbucker in it, and it's a terrible combination. As muddy and unresponsive as you can ever get. I am looking at replacing it with a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 instead as a more even match with the basswood.
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the super distortion would get you the Iron Maiden tone but it's clearer than the JB in basswood
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My vote's for the Super Distortion. One of the best non-boutique pups I've ever used. Perfect for that late 70's/80's rock/metal tone.