OK i would like to know what the best setup for power metal would be.
Bass? Pedals? Amp(s)?

EDIT:preferablly under $350
Hohner PJ-Bass
Fender P-Bass
Boss Bass Limiter Enhancer
Boss DS1
Beringher BXL3000

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Dude, for metal - even power metal - pretty much anything works...

Your sig says a you have a P bass, that'll suit you fine, but just get yourself a good amp, play along to some power metal songs and find yourself a tone you want.
My Rig:
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Eden Nemesis NC410 320w combo amp
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Well, I know alot of people in power metal play Spectors, P Basses & PJ Basses, just get a nice amp, a little grit & maybe chorus & you should be set. Personally I use a Traben Obsession into an Ashdown James LoMenzo Hyperdrive, a Chorus into a Hartke LH500 head & 412 cab
It doesn't need specific gear (very few genres do) but specific EQing. In powermetal you're going to need some huge boosting in the Mids. Get a good am and your P bass will do that just fine.
an x-plorer, or a Thunderbird? I think they call it that, any amp will work, and Id get an overdrive pedal and if you still have money left Id get a wah pedal.

compliment from fellow UGer
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