Okay so I turn Seventeen next month and I was thinking of asking for a new amp since my ten watt amp is a piece of garbage. I was thinking of the Peavey Vypyr 30 since it's not to expensive. Any suggestions? It would be best if its around $200

I may end up just asking for money for my Bagpipe fund but I'm not sure yet.

Thanks for any help!
i would save for a $400 dollar amp. a Peavey valveking 212 is a good amp. i got one 2 years ago and it sounds great for rock/metal and some clean stuff too.
The Valveking is 212 is almost $639, these now way I'm going to spend that much on an amp I play mostly just play in my room/jam with friends in a garage, I'm not giggin or anything, plus I'm saving for Bagpipes ($1,250) so is the Vypyr 30 good for that?
test it out.
If it fits your need, then you should buy it.
It's highly recomended on UG.
I've never owned one, so I have no idea how it holds up on long term.
But I'm sure it's what you seek.
You won't ever have to use your pocket pod anymore though.
Try a Peavey Vypyr and Roland Cube. Those two are probably your best choices.
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