what are the best acoustic strings i can get. this is the first time i changed my acoustic. just wondering whats the best i can get for 10-12 bucks
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Honestly, there is so much personal preference involved its insane. No one is going to be able to tell you the best strings, because everyone likes something different.

While we can't really give you a set your guaranteed to love (and we urge you to experiment with as many as possible)
Do you like a brighter or darker tone? What kind of music do you play on it? Do you Flatpick, fingerpick, both? Which do you do more of? Can you describe your ideal tone?

Those questions should help us recommend some strings for you, but it really is a personal thing. Most people don't realize just how much of a HUGE difference strings make on an acoustic. Since this is the first time you put new strings on it, prepare to be amazed at how different your acoustic will sound, and that's why we suggest you try as many types of strings as you can and then find your favorite.

One way that most of us did it was this...go to the guitar store, and just pick up a set of acoustic strings...lol. Don't bother about label or anything, just sort of start trying a ton out.

But yeah, answer those questions and we may be able to help.
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The way I found out which strings I like is by playing alot of the acoustics in the store and feeling and listening to the strings. I loved a set that I found on an Ibanez acoustic and then I asked the guy which strings come standard on it and then threw the same ones on to my Taylor. Couldn't be happier.

If you're a beginner (I'm just guessing since you've never changed the strings before) I'd advise you to get the special string winding tool that they sell that also helps you pop out the bridge pins. Saved me alot of trouble. My first acoustic looked like hell from all the scratches on the bridge from changing strings.

I would recommend light gauge strings, I prefer the D'addario custom light or light gauge EXP strings. They're coated like elixirs to last longer but seem to have a much darker tone that I like. Elixirs seem to sound way too bright for me, but that's just from past experience. Overall, just try a bunch till you're happy.