Our current singer will be leaving us shortly for school and we now need to find a replacement. We are an established hard rock band based in Champaign. We have 45 minutes of gig-ready material, as well as several shows already under our belt and a modest local following. Our songs range from mainstream modern hard rock (Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Sevendust) to post-hardcore (A Day To Remember, Eyes Set To Kill). We have several gigs currently lined up as well as the opportunity for many more shows, as well as recordings, merch, etc. We have a secure, private practice space including full PA and microphones.

What we are looking for:
- Someone who is dedicated and committed to playing music and being part of a band.
- Someone who is not afraid of hard work.
- Must have aspirations of gigging, touring, recording albums, selling merch, etc.
- Someone in or around age 20-25.
- Must be able to practice 2-3 evenings as week (usually Tuesday/Thursday and an occasional Friday) as well as playing gigs on the weekends.
- Must be able to provide your own transportation.
- No egos/attitudes/drama, no excuses, no exceptions.
- No U of I students (Nothing personal, we've found that you guys don't have enough spare time for a full-time band).
- Previous band/recording experience a plus.
- Knowledge of other musical instruments (guitar, keyboards, etc.) a plus.

When you contact us, please include the following:
- Your age.
- Previous singing experience.
- Musical influences.
- Phone number where you can be contacted (I don't like waiting for email responses).
- Links to sample recordings (if you have them).
- Anything else you think is important.

Email Chris: cdubdsp@yahoo.com
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Do you guys have a MySpace I can check out? Or have you already found a singer?
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