I'll be getting a Squier telecaster soon and I am planning to do some cosmetic mods including getting rid of the logo/decal and changing the pickguard..

the pickguard is choosen to be this : http://store.guitarfetish.com/whmoofpetepi.html

however my question about removing the decal hasnt been answered.

NO I am not going to put a fender logo there because that is just being a poser .. i'd like to leave it blank, giving that simple , even perhaps a vintage look.. So I had some tips saying use #0000 steel wool or a sandpaper but I dont know what i am supposed to do with those. Do I just gently go back and forth on the decals? What about the finishes?
Or is there an another way to do this?


PS: No, I'm not ashamed of the squier logo, its just that i really like the empty headstock look.. the simplicity and the elegant-ness.

somewhat like this
yeah, ultra fine steel wool or sandpaper should do it, hell, you've answered your own question.

the finish on the maple should be fine, if not a bit blemished but its hard to notice it.
why make 2 threads?

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