Poll: What Brand of Guitar Do You Own/Play?
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91 12%
203 27%
188 25%
84 11%
182 24%
74 10%
B.C. Rich
26 3%
51 7%
327 44%
20 3%
Voters: 743.
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Click the brand(s) of guitar you own/play, and list what model they are!

For Me:


Epiphone SG G-400
Washburn WI16 G12. And I am saving up for a nice Ibanez.

edit: and a squier
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Fender Stratocaster, Mexican, black with white pickguard.
Gibson B-25 Acoustic
Yamaha FG-312 12-string
In the sig, Jackson, Bc Rich, Yamaha and Falcon.
Jackson RR3 with EMGs!
B.C. Rich KKV
Yamaha F-310 Acoustic

Digitech Bad Monkey.

Peavey Valveking 112
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Ibanez JS100

Jay Turser SG (Suprisingly good)

lol man. i have a Jay Turser Strat, and it sucks so much, that i dont eve consider myself owning it.
I have two Fenders (an American Strat and a random acoustic), and two no-brands (an old Ukrainian acoustic, which I'm guessing is a classical guitar even though it has steel strings on it right now for some reason, and a Les Paul rip-off).
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Epiphone Les Paul Custom Silverburst, Fender Tele MIM (custom pickguard), Squier Limited Edition P Bass (chrome pickguard), and a Laguna CE4-BUB Acoustic/Electric

They're not too expensive but i took my time into choosing them in terms of quality.

lol man. i have a Jay Turser Strat, and it sucks so much, that i dont eve consider myself owning it.
I have one too (SG) and it doesn't sound good yet it does play very good... should go take it out from the closet...

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other.. it's a shitty encore.. god I hate it..
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I have an Epiphone searchbar (had to be done)

but really, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II

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i've got a:

2004 gibson les paul standard
fender eric johnson signature strat
Jackson Rhoads
Larivee D-09 acoustic
my very first Squire strat
my very first acoustic, a Nevada ( i don't know what its model is)
Fender strat
Freshman 12 string
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My electric is Schecter, my acoustic is Takamine.


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fenders of course

mim strat, saving up for a roadhouse or highway 1 though

and i got a washburn acoustic
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A Fender Strat, A Squier CV Tele, and a vintage LP copy with a dead neck pickup(i use it for slide mostly so i dont care about the neck pup being dead)
epi and dean
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Fender 300CE T-Bucket
Dean DOF ML [For Sale]
Marshall AVT 2000 valvestate
Ibanez modified turbo tube screamer
Digitech RP250
my grandpa bought me a firebird for a graduation present. :love:
Free at last! Free at last! God Almighty FREE AT LAST!
I Pan-Tallica
Own an Ibanez RGR320EX

Buying an ESP V-401/V-500
ProTone Pedals: Attack Overdrive
Fractal Audio: AxeFX 2
Engl: Fireball 60
Zilla: Fatboy 2x12
Carvin: DC700
Carvin: Vader 7
Schecter: KM-7 MKii
Schecter: Banshee 8 Passive
Jackson: DK2M
Jackson JS30KE, B.C Rich Warlock, Westfield LP copy
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!989 Charvel 375
!995 Fender Strat
Ibanez RG220 custom swirled by me
Ibanez acoustic/electric
Silvertone Paul Stanley sig Apocalypse
Oscar Schmidt Piece of **** (lol)
i have a dean vx and a washburn something lol but the dean is actually really nice for only 200 bucks i was impressesd
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Right now I have a Fender electric, a Fender acoustic and an Alhambra classical. I also sometimes rent a PRS for some shows.

I can safely say that with the Fender & PRS electrics and Taylor & Martin acoustics of my choice, I couldn't be happier .
- Fender American Standard Ash Telecaster w/ DiMarzio Chopper T & Twang King
- Alhambra 5P
- Laney Lionheart L5T-112
- Line 6 POD XT
- Suhr Shiba Drive
- MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay
- Dunlop Cry Baby
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jackson rr1

you sir are a lucky bastard
not that im not, but you are very lucky to have an rr1. cant figure out why they were discontinued...

i mainly use ibanez, but i also have a laguna which is AMAZING. it cost like 200, but it plays great, sounds good, stays in tune, and has a tremelo (my ibanez guitars dont...go figure). also have a breedlove acoustic, the thing is godly
you know, ive owned 8 different guitars over my lifetime, and right now i have 3. i wanna know what the hell happened...i mean the picks and cables are understandable, they disappear into thin air all the time, but guitars?

Gibson Explorer and an Ibanez acoustic
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Schecter (got a c1 plus)
My gear:

Memphis les paul (fixin it up as we speak!)
Schecter C1 plus
Ibanez RX 240 (been sold)
Peavey envoy 110 (Pretty dang good!)
Some washburn acoustic...
i have a crappy burswood guitar which is basically a cheap rip off of a fender strat but i am on the look out for a new guitar atm. dunno what to get though??
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