Hey if your a christian band you could easily get a show at the electric theater in st. George Utah.
lol, I guess you could call it metalcore. Give it a quick listen, tell me what you think.

We're from Windsor, Ontario. Utah is a long ways away. We're going to playing Cornerstone in Illinois next year though.
Sorry, but I don't like it at all. Sounds just like the other 5,485,673,458 christian hardcore bands in the world.

And I live in the capital of hardcore... It sucks...
lol, well your definitely entitled to your opinion, thanks for listening. capitol of hardcore? Where would that be? I'm thinking Boston, cause that's where BYD is from.
Heya fellas, I really liked the instruments. Vocals in Give Me A Name reminded me of some of Rage Against The Machine's stuff. The distorted vocals didn't sound too powerful on the recording though.

Added you on Myspace. I've also got a Christian hardcore band, C4C?
word, your vision of dawn right? checked your stuff, its solid.

Yeah all the vocals on the myspace are like... small and over compressed? were doing a full length right now that will have MUCH better vocals.
UPDATE, three new songs are posted. Please please please check them out and give me your opinions!