family shot now

sorry guys, no time for clips or fancy box pictures haha

sounds nice, I just need a small nice sounding practice amp and this did the trick, the efffects are below average, but I only use chorus or light delay on a few songs, so barely any, the reverb is nice, nothing special, but nothing bad about it, I'm still playing with the EQ a bit, it doesn't seem very responsive, but it's definately responsive enough, over all I'm very happy with my purchase, got it for 230$ including shipping

it was worth it
Congrats, you have some nice gear.
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just beautiful!

Happy NAD!
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HNAD man.
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Nice pickup and nice rig!

I always wanted a 3 pickup SG or Les Paul.


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Nice pickup and nice rig!

I always wanted a 3 pickup SG or Les Paul.


lol, they just look cool, there is really not point what so ever the the middle pickup, , its really useless, the only time I ever use it is if I hit it on accident, oops, I forgot to get my talk box in there too haha, you can see the tube hanging down in one of the pics lol

my rig is built fairly well, I could probably use a better od or distortion pedal, but I don't know, I don't really like pedals that much, and I have nothign left to buy now lol, I have my loud amp for daytime/playing out (if ever...=/), my night/practice amp, talk box, two versatile good guitars, I'm going to put new pups in that cort eventually, I kind of stole it from my brother, he hadn't played it in like 5 years, so I cleaned it up and strung it up and its actually a very nice guitar, especially for the price,

so ya, give me ideas on what to buy next to improve my rig??? I don't know it gets every single sound i want besides some higher gain stuff, but eh... it's not that important haha
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