Well thay had one in the pit a while back but I missed that and I was annoyed, I don't go in there very often. So I though we could perhaps have one here in R&R? I would be happy to organise it.... I'm on summer holidays now so I have plenty of free time.

This thread is just to see if anyone is interested... so you if you could just post saying "I'm interested" if you're intersted that would be just great.

As far as getting something to remix goes - somone could contribute full song tracks, or there are plenty of remix competitions for various bands where we could just hi-jack the source tracks, or NIN have lots of they're songs posted online....
That sounds sweet, since the competitions we have had so far have prohibited remixing... (even though I always found my self too busy to contribute just as the deadline loomed)

But anyway, yeah, I am interested.
There is poetry in despair.
I'd offer to help judge (as I'd planned to in the first one we discussed oh so long ago) but I don't currently have a quality set of reference speakers so I don't think I could do a decent job of telling which was and was not a good mix.

Hope something goes ahead.

Best regards, Brian.
Not gonna enter then Brian? I would probably put it to a poll anyway, as with it being a remix competition it as about ideas and creativity as it the quality of the mix.
I don't know if I have the time to at the moment, plus I have quite serious doubts as to whether I can do a good job of mixing anyway. I had some troubles over the last year in the brain department which lead to a universal Descartian doubt about everything I do and am!

On top of that, I've not had a working pro tools system for about 6 months, so I have an expansive amount of material to commit to wax:

- One Cold Megan album
- One solo album
- One acoustic covers album
- Some samples of my playing.
- Various demos and who knows what else.

It's going to be a nightmare! The good news is that my new computer is ordered, so it should be ready by next week, the week where I'll actually have a job.

And as soon as I have a working Pro Tools system (need to buy some Monitors too) and get rid of this back catalogue then I'll probably never want to record anything ever again!
Not a great remixer, but have messed around a bit with NIN stubs so yeah - count me in!
Awesome, that's like, 5 people including me which would work. I'll put up an actual thread for the competition soon and hopefully a few more people will join too....