Well, I'm looking to pretty soon get a new set of 5 high-gauge strings, and my local store doesn't carry any sets of them, but what they do have that I was recommended was to get a set of EB Power Slinkies and a D'addario single .145 B string...

does this sound like a good idea? .145 is the highest gauge i've actually ever heard of for a B string, sounds like it'll give great tension.
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I saw .175s at one point. But they were some knock-off "HEAVYxCORE" strings.

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^^ .175 guage is for a low F# IIRC like on the Warwick Vampyre Dark Lord.

I like my strings to be tight, but 145 may be a bit excessive for a low B, especially on a 35' scale bass i f that's what you have. I'd reccomend a 135 or maybe a 140, but why not buy them off the internet? A 5-string set of power slinkies shouldn't be impossible to find, even in Canada .

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