I was thinking about my guitar I'll be building later, and what I want to paint it.

For the finish, I was thinking I'd glue leaves on, press it down, then repeat to all sides.
Is there any special way to do this? I think the guitar would be an eye catcher.
To preserve the leaves, before putting them on, Should I just spray them with varathane? Or would that eat away the leaves?

I'm not going to start this for a while, but it's an Idea.
I need a bansaw and Drill Press first(Probably gonna ask for my b-day in August 8)
Or, I could buy the ban-saw and drill press myself, and ask for an amp head and 4 speakers.(I was thinking Engl Invader, but probably to expensive.
..I was watching my death.
Sounds like a cool idea, but "gluing" leaves on probably will look tacky.
One idea you might consider is right before putting the protective coats on after painting u could stick the leaves on and seal them that way.

Or you could just not use leaves at all and just make subtle leaf imprints in the paint
Kinda like leaf pounding?
Someone I know has a book on flower pounding, and leaf pounding, where you take a hammer and hit whatever you want the leaf inmprinted in. It said to use fabric though...
..I was watching my death.
Varathane may require an incredible number of coats. Have you looked at any of the epoxy systems that claim to put on the equivalent of 50 coats at once? I also think that epoxy would be less likely to destroy the leaves.

I would think that you would want to wet the leaf, put it on the guitar, put wax paper over that and then put a clamp on the guitar to press the leaf flat. Sort of like when people put a flower in a book to press it flat.

also, my Mom used to dry flowers for flower arrangements. I think there is some sort of dessicant (sic) that you may want to use but I am not sure. You may want to google flower drying or something.
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well if you're not going to actually start this for a while what you could do to start it is find a thick book grab some healthy leaves that don't crumple when touched, and put them between the pages. like flower pressing. then when you start this they could be halfway to being flat, then you can put them on the guitar gloss coat over it, sand it, and so one till you can not feel their texture anymore (thats in the ultimate painting refinishing thread i'm using that conecpt myself when i start my repaint) then you can mask off the parts and paint the guitar or paint the guitar first then put the leaves on top of what ever color job you did then do the gloss sanding method. that will prolly give you the best results for having it be a nature guitar.
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why dont you put a graphic on with leaves? of course it wont look as organic but yeah...

or the leaves could NOT be real and like plastic or metal lol zakk wylde