Well...im not sure what genre, but it sounds epic to me

Not finished yet, but I need some crit on what ive got, and ideas for where to go next

Ill C4C

:EDIT: Added some moreee
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Zelda Rock?
Anyway, nice, I liked the Verse better than the Intro, as it was a little too computer game-ish. Chorus was nice too. I think another Verse would fit here, and then a Solo, followed by the Chorus.
Haha i totally agree with jimmyled. Yeah, another verse, solo then chorus, or chorus then solo, which ever you feel like, would be good. You could also probably come up with a nice bridge or breakdown for a song like this.
The lead over the intro, is so simplistic, yet it makes the rest of this song so good.

I don't like the rhythm though, to be honest, it's just 8th notes, mix it up some, the bass is doing a little rhythm, why not have that guitar follow the bass rhythm too?

The Chorus Melody is decent, not too original, but oh well, still good.

Overall as of right now, I'd give it a 8/10

Yes, poop.
This is the sort of music this forum has been lacking. Despite its sounding somewhat 'epic', you don't seem to be taking yourself too seriously, which lets this song flow out pretty naturally. I echo MattAnderson's point about having a more synchronised rhythm section in the chorus. Your guitar's going in quavers but your drums are giving it a semiquaver feel; what I would do is have your drums match up with that bass groove a little more, and either turn the rhythm guitar down a bit and have it follow suit or turn it up and have it ring out each chord.

Also, I think the tempo needs to be jacked up to around 96/97bpm, cause at 90 it plods a little. Just as a note, I would stick to just the '49' cymbal for the chorus/post-chorus drums because alternating between the two makes it seem a little stop-start, especially at the low tempo.

All the melodies were great (especially the guitar and synth unison at the end of the post-chorus, that was glorious), no complaints there. I liked the change of drums for the second verse to keep the momentum going, maybe utilise the strings there to build it up. I'm interested to see where you go with this, I'm thinking probably something a little more chilled out to lead into a solo but you haven't gone wrong so far.

Keep it up

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this is pretty good it deff has a videogameish feel to it. and thats a good thing! i agree that the tempo should be up a little bit. it sort of gets repetitive, sometimes it feels like you're repeating the main melody just in different ways. try to come up with another melody that u can sometimes drift off to so it feels less repetitive. pretty cool overall tho.

i have a song thats this style id really like if u checked out, since we write the same style and all. thanks