not really a song, just stuff i write, i've never posted here before, so go easy.
in my opinion this is really sh*tty, but i've been on a stump for a while

everyday is a reminder of the tormenting past
it ws so beautiful, now here i stand,
walking in my broken soul,

i gave so much, all for nothing
and nothing for love
but you still just drift away

you know me too well
you knew i'd never leave
even after you did

you held my world in the plam of your hand,
and now you have what's left of a pathetic past

i bled for you, in vain, i trusted the blind future
i forsake all i knew to be your lover

now whats left is lies
placed on silver platters
i still love you
and nothing else matters

i've written much better things. but this is all im getting
Free at last! Free at last! God Almighty FREE AT LAST!
I Pan-Tallica
I'm notifying Lars ^^

Oh man, why do bring that up even though I hate when others do? Oh well..
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yeah its good i like it but although you say iy doesn't relate to metallica but ffs change the name,but otherwise its great!
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You're always going to have people ask about Metallica in relation to this song... Change the name.
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Kidding, they hate you and want you to be miserable.

Also, Charmander.
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Mate, don't change the name, the poem is yours, don't be forced to chage the name because its already been used.