Mornin all and I think an oo arr country type thread is in order.
Its here to talk about tractors, crops, countryside and that kinda thing.
Ooo arr and raise a glass of cider to the country folk.
You just know he's hiding something awesome under there...
Ah, I love the good ol' country side. It's so relaxing.

Such a good summer setting too.

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c,mon it for the country folk to socialise, we get hardly any press as it is.
You just know he's hiding something awesome under there...
Ahh the country folk.
Men of few words.
You just know he's hiding something awesome under there...
*enters thread*

*looks around*

Wheres the cows?

Yoda i be!

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its so much funner doing it with friends tho...........like masturbation

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With your post, the pit has its rightful name - the pit, the most lowest place on earth, after a 100 feet of earth and 200 feet of sh|t .
ooooo arrrr ooo arrrr iv got a brand new combineharvister and il give you the key!
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I love you for that thread...

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hey y'all wanna go cow tippin?

or tippin?
Free at last! Free at last! God Almighty FREE AT LAST!
I Pan-Tallica
Count me in fellow yokel, and maybe some rodeo and cow rustling after?
You just know he's hiding something awesome under there...
I'm not a part of a redneck agenda!


I live in the country right now. Though I'm nothing like a country kid :O
And after that some hubcap hurlin' an' some toilet seat smashin'!
You just know he's hiding something awesome under there...
im about to move from baltimore city into rural PA. can't wait, so much cleaner and peaceful up there. i live in a pretty bad neighborhood, it's very uninspiring to have helicopter spotlights shining through the windows at 4am. and the crazy people that shout to themselves, and people honking there horns in the middle of the nights for some lil wayne impersonator to run out a bag of heroin.

if you're from a small town, and dream of some glamorous life in the city, don't do it.

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Pics coming soon
I live on a farm.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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long live bucketmark.
The thread title has "ARRRRRRRR" in it.

You know what comes after "ARRRRRRRR"?


This thread is now about pirates.

*disclaimer* Notice those gay little fucking sparkling pixels all over the fucking gif? Those are to let you gay pirates know that you are also fucking welcome in.
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I'm not quite sure if you were trying to be funny or if you have a learning disability, either way, I was not amused.

He is not amused.
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you are the best 09er EVER! i am sending you a friend request as soon as i send this

pirates say arr
Clocks tick. Your days are numbered in low digits.
You look suspicious - suspect niggas is bitches,
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I live in the country. We've got 3 horses on about 11 acres. Our property used to be part of an old cattle ranch.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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I am going to a tractor pull tomorrow.

Kinda like World's Strongest Man, but with tractors.

AKA Worlds strongest tractor.
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Not in the pit.

Whats yer prollem, boy? You one o' them queers?
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