Poll: Which of these are best???
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Fender Hot Noiseless
4 20%
Seymour Duncan SSL-3
5 25%
Bare Knuckle Mother's Milk
9 45%
Fender Custom Shop '69s
2 10%
Voters: 20.

Which of these pickups do you think are best?

Thanks, only vote if you know anything about these pickups.
THats a very broad question. Depends on your taste, there is no best pickup.
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I'd love me some Custom Shop 69's, but those pups are all totally different. We could only guide based on genres and current amp and guitar
ahaha joe got u there..i have emgs sooo its good its all what YOU like
Quote by stephen_rettie
best for what? through what?

I play through a Blackstar HT-5. I just want a really versatile Strat tone, so it can do clean funky stuff aswell as Hi-gain Frusciante style stuff.

EDIT: Oyeah, the Noiseless feature would be a good bonus, but I know that tone is more important. What do you think?
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Don't get the Fender Noiseless. I hear they're terrible. If you want noiseless, look into Dimarzio or Fender SCN pickups. The Dimarzio Area pickups are good and noiseless. My favorite noiseless Dimarzios would be the Cruisers though.
for me, the hot SCNs are great. its a close call between those and texas specials.
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If the choice is there i would always go for the boutique pickups. BKPs are no exception here.

That's what I was gonna say.
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Fender makes a "Lace Pickup" grab a Red and Blue put the red as the neck pickup and you will have an amazing sounding guitar!

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