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My Deathcore band is now doing a little southern interlude in our live setlist, so I thought I'd post it, and see what other people thought about it.


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Its a pretty cool song, I like it.
Vould you check out a few of the songs on my profile, thanks.
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Intro was really nice, although not that southern. I liked the Bass interlude on Bars 9-12. 13-20 were really good. 21 is back to the main riff, very nice. Main problem is that it's really short. Is it in the middle of a song? Anyway, reminded me of YYZ for some reason. Nicely done.
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^^ It's an interlude, meant to only be about a minute.

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I thought that was really good.
There was nothing wrong with it, I really liked all the parts.
To be honest...I have no decent crits, but if i was going to be picky, I would say that I felt it all sounded a bit samey. If you get me?
Meh, thats just me though, I don't really appreciate this type of music.
I really enjoyed it though, nice work

I know my crit sucked....but take a quick look at mine please?