My Aunty has asked me to play guitar at her wedding for her and I wondered if anyone had any ideas of songs to play??

Deeply In Love - Hillsongs
That was my cousin's wedding song.
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radiohead nice dream,fake plastic trees,high and dry. or some hendrix? santana instrumental!?
Is This Love - Whitesnake

Tangled Up In You - Staind (maybe cant remember lyrics)

Calling You - Blue October
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seriously, make up your own song, it would be pretty cool
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Everyone suggesting ridiculous songs is getting a warning. If you don't have anything to contribute, please go post your nonsense somewhere else.

Salut D'amour by Elgar.... there is a solo fingerpicking version, ask Qpidon on youtube for it, awesome piece, not too hard
Canon in D major, or C major, or whatever your comfortable with tis a lovely song
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John Butler Trio - Ocean

City and Colour - Confessions

John Mayer - The Heart of Life
paul stookey - there is love
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i just played a wedding, heres some of the set list

Words of Love- Buddy Holly/Beatles
In My Life-beatles
Wedding Song- Tracy Chapman
The First Time Ever I saw your face- Roberta Flack
Ave Maria- Shubert

I also played quite a bit of Classical music as people sat down
Romance- Anonymous
Marieta- Tarrega
20 Sor Studies- Fernando Sor (Segovia edition)
Carcassi Studies
Just to help the suggestions, do you want one where you will sing with it, or just solo guitar? Because certain users are suggesting pop/rock songs for the occasion, and others classical/spanish/fingerstyle for it...which do you perfer?
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