Pretty cool, a little sloppy, but might be sound quality.
Could you check out some of the songs on my profile, and tell me if you like them, especially the song tap. Thanks.
Very good considering you're only playing for 1 year and 3 months
That is tight man, sometiems sloppy, gett a better camera,
but overall that is good for how long you have been playing.
Dont stop!
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That is freakin good all things considered. Really you didn't mess up too much... not a whole lot of feel, but you have been playing under 2 years so I would call that an off the charts amount of talent. I didn't even attempt my first Gilbert until 4 years in, and couldn't play it competently until I was 6 years into the game.

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Dude,that was really good! sounds like you nailed them string-skips really good! (yes, i'm jellous! ) keep rockin', man!