Do yall's amps sound better when played outside?
I have a peavey classic 30 and i mostly play in my room, it sounds good.
but right now i took it outside and it sounded freakin awesome...like an actual mini live concert...
Are tube amps supposed to sound better in open areas?
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Could be psychological, the whole "outside mini gig" scene.
A room could be giving an awkward reverb maybe your amp sounds better when not reverbed.
Though i can't tell, i havn't played outside.

Its this most likely.
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i don't know but mine does that too
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You can turn it up higher and the bass won't be as boomy or muddy because the ground will absorb those bass frequencies that the floor usually picks up and reflects.
That way you just hear the sounds the amp makes, not reverberations too...
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Unless its electronic drums.

It it doesn't reverberate like it does inside. Makes it sound more open, not so rattly.
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Well as said, more open sound, defeating a lot of reverb. Also the bass is allowed to breath and won't resonate with the walls.
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Usually a bedroom isn't designed for it's acoustics, so it usually sounds better to have your amp in a more open space.
its funny, i hate the sound of my amp outside.

come to think of it, im not too fond of it inside either.
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