I'm here to indroduce my band wich is called DESPITE. I would be very grateful if you guys and girls check our music out and tell us what you think. Yes i know the drum sound... and all the sound is not the best, but believe me you dont want to see our recording "studio"
http://www.myspace.com/despitebandlt - our myspace ;]
if you need i can say where to download our songs, just please tell what you think, feel free to give advice or something. We are young and ready to learn!
the piano intro to the first song seems to be completely unrelated to what follows.

Upon listening for the second time, I'm more comfortable with this slayer esque piece.

Drums : good
Guitar: Decent

Your unusual because the melodies change quite a bit throughout the song. You're more unusual because the faster the tempo is, usually the shorter it is. You have these prog ambitions with a thrash tempo.. and a 9 minute song.

The vocals need quite a bit of work.

The instrumental in the begining in the second song is quite good. You're thrash/metal vocals still needs quite a bit of work.
Thanks for the replay!
Yes vocals need a lot of hard work...
And that piano intro are the notes that repeats in all 3 songs. (d#,d,a#,a)
I write allmost all the music and its kinda funny because i dont listen to trash metal... Well sure i know the legends slayer, metallica and so on, but i dont think that they influence me.