Hi guys so as some may know i'm looking at a few various different amps and I always stand by 'play before you buy' and so I wanted to try out some blackheart models. After looking at UK dealers on the BH site it shows Gear4music however after consulting their site it seems they don't supply any BH's. So I was just wondering if anyone in the UK knows where I can go play one?

Also, can anyone give me an insight on a BH15H head with a BH112 cab?
Guitarguitar had some last time I was in the Glasgow store. They have a few stores around the UK, so finding one shouldnt be too hard.

Edit: their website isn't showing any, but I've definately seen some new blackhearts in there. Try giving them a call to see if they've got any.
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how do those marshall handles compare tonewise to, say, mesa handles?

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