hi there our ex-singer has been very awkward since he left, we currently have a replacement singing our final versions of songs we had completed before. the ex-singer now thinks he can take our songs in an effort to stop us having songs to play even though the ones after he left were the replacements new material.

what are the laws etc. i'm really not sure how to handle it, i'm pretty sure were in the right though.
Er, find a subject that relates to whoevers writing, doesnt matter personal or not, cos it depends on how you write about. It cant be something stupid, it has to be able to go in a song. once youve found your subject, just hummed some lines, over the top of the music youve come up with, use Guitar pro or power tab, easy to playback. But yeah, hum some tunes over it, and then just write whatever you feel about the subject, to the tunes you come upo with. How i do it, lol, but i must say, im pretty crap
make copies of his songs. Make him feel he's won. then continue rockin to his music.

and yeah he can't take material that's not his
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if he doesnt have a legal copyright or patent, its fair game.
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ultrasonic, what the heck are you talking about?

as for laws, i'm pretty sure he can't do anything about it, especially if you're just a garage band.. you should be able to play the songs no matter what... plus, what are the chances of him actually spending a ton of money on a lawyer and stuff like that? especially if he's a kid, he's gonna go to his daddy and be like "Dada, the band is playing a song that i wrote the lyrics to... and i don't want them to play it, make them stop by calling your lawyer!"

get my point? rock out to whatever you want... worst case scenario, just claim it was a cover song.. lol
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yeah thats what i thought but also he's been personally atacking us etc since he left just being a complete tool, were just starting out as a band so nothings copyrighted properly or anything so its fair game then. how he's being behaving he's not going to get far with us, everyone just told him to f-off.
cheers guys
Wait.. so this guy thinks he isn't going to go far with you guys, but he takes your bands lyrics?