Is it worth practicing? I find economy picking to be easier and more efficent, though alt.picking is useful for some licks.
Yes... Of course it is!

You need to be able to alternate pick...

And it isn't exactly something hard to do!

Kidsan (:
whatevers more comfortable for you, dude
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do you mean picking every note alternatively?.. I don't do that, or can't lol.

But you need to know alternative to be able to gallop, or triplets, and to be able to play fast
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Learn both, they both have their uses. Why limit yourself by not learning something new?
what he said
I agree. I find it difficult since I'm so used to playing economically. Should I just slow my exercises down more than now and practice it?
Economy picking utilises alternate picking as you probably already know. Economy picking only deals with how the guitarist changes string.

Practising your alternate picking will only improve your economy picking speed in the long run, especially if you come across long licks that only involve one string ala Yngwie.
You won't be ableto play some songs properly without doing so, or play them at all. Snow by the peppers requires alternate picking
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If you can economy pick without alternate picking through it,I want to hear of your technique.
Just practice alternate as someone already said above, why not?

Practice picking the outside of the string, play something that you would usually play with economy like a 3 note per string pattern and instead of going down-up-down-down, really concentrate on getting over the string and picking the outside. Do it slow enough, think about what your doing and it will start to feel more comfortable. I can play both but i'm much more confident with economy. It's useful because some things are quite awkward with economy picking and rather than spending ages trying to perfect it with economy you can switch to alternate and pick it up slightly easier.

Good luck
Quote by timeconsumer09
Learn both, they both have their uses. Why limit yourself by not learning something new?

This. Every technique is a tool for you to use when playing. Don't limit your tools to do your job.
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umm... well if you're just on one string don't you have to alternate pick that? it's never a bad thing to learn more techniques, man. i tend to alternate pick ascending runs and economy pick descending runs. it's not something i do consciously, i just started doing it that way because that's what turned out to be most comfortable for me. i have a friend who picks things the exact opposite way for the same reason.

sometimes i'd rather play something legato than to pick it at all. every technique is worth at least checking out. whether you use it or not is up to you, but it could never hurt to learn it.
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