Not completely finished, need to touch up on the drums and add the complete solos, but you get the gist.

EDIT: Reuploaded
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im looking forward on this. never critted anything like this before cause there havent been any.
ill crit ...maybe tommorow

EDIT: HEY HEY ! Whats with the archive? i cant unrar. make a new one and upload it !
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wow nice tune man. i liked it, cause it sounds so 80s rock yet has some progressive bits.
the rhythm does its job good, and i like the parts when the bass goes the same with the rhythm.
Ill be waiting for the rest of the solo, PM me when it's ready.
The thing that i like the most is the drums, i like how you made them, plus the triplet feel at some points.Wonderful job.
And the most prog thing, the outro, is very inspired, i enjoyed the whole thing!

The solo will need to impress the most, so be careful, try and add some leads in the verses too since its a blues-rocky song

Dont forget to PM when ready, and please crit my song
I do love some good old raunchy blues.

Overall was really good, but a couple suggestions.

A few more little riffs couldn't hurt. Try taking that A to A# slide thing down to F# and G as well once and a while.

In the verse, after you go to the A part, instead of going back to the E, try the G instead. Or just play the riff backwards (instead of EEEGE try GGGEG) It sounds a little cooler like that.

For the solo, try having a steady rhythm of some kind in there to really push things along.

Maybe also throw in the occasional lead guitar lick outside the solo too. Nothing too obnoxious, just a little extra flavour.

Otherwise, great. Loved the ending, despite the fact that the change in feel was a little weird.
I liked the beat, but I think you should have used 12/8. The song reminds me of the Allman Brothers. Pretty nice. The Chorus was kinda oout of place though. The title doesn't seem to work with the song though. Shame you didn't write the Lead yet. Nothing really new though.
Oh and I didn't like the let's rock part except for the triplets in the end.
Its nice to see something other than the 'dungeons and dragons' kind of metal that's usually around here.

Ok, I've listened to this a few times, it's pretty good the first thing is, Why would you not change the amp and the guitar type? Imo, the pi distortion is the worst thing I've ever heard. I changed it to the brit vintage - rat overdrive with les paul, It definitely sounded better.

On to the actual song, I enjoyed it however it sounded a little 'generic' especially the verse and chorus, but then again that's not necessarily such a bad thing. The chorus was fine, I liked the triplets on the bass part, that was cool.

The verses really need some leads or something because they are a little boring, I would maybe copy paste some of the solo parts there or something. Also I would suggest just trying to improvise the solo once you've recorded the rest of the song.

Also I didn't like the riff in the 'lets rock section' Make a new one for that. 112 onwards was really good though.

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that was kickass!

but i say bar 88 needs something special and that that A chord in middle of the verse doesn't fit

overall 8.5/10

EDIT: people hate it, but the let's rock season is great, and the feel that that change gives is so cool
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