I was writing a song and I used a line that I thought was original but there's this vague feeling that I had heard it before subconsciously. I typed it in google and ran a search and nothing really came up. Have you heard it somewhere? I feel weird about using it because I think I've heard it somewhere though I can't specifically figure it out. Here is the line:

are we breaking new ground, or digging our own grave?

In a similar vein, if you are unsure if you are copying a lyric or not, is it just better to leave it alone?

Thanks. I appreciate any feedback
here, My Dear, here it is
Sometimes, the idea that we've heard something from somewhere else is an illusion.

If you don't find the source, then don't sweat over it
i get this all the time. i think i listen to too much music, because i'll write something, and like my brother or friend will walk in and say: "ahh... green day", or others. maybe if you get too much stuck in your head, you have no creativity left. the question though, is what do you do now?

tell me if you find out.
Its close to an Outkast lyric from the song Synthesizer. The lyric goes "Are we digging into new ground, or digging our own graves?" So you're close, but not an exact copy.
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doesnt sound familiar, and if google didnt turn up anythin then its likely its original
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