i have one an experiment to work out the effect on the rate of reaction by changing the volume of each substance i add to each different trial

CH3COCH3 + I2 ---> CH3COCH2I(aq)H(aq) + I(aq)

if someone can take me through the method of working out each concentration of the propanone, iodine, H+ ions for my first set of volumes then that will be of great help and i will be able to work out the other 3 sets of data

ill do my best to draw out the table

volume of 2M propanone/cm^3 ------ 2
volume of 0.02M iodine/cm^3 ------- 2
volume of 2M HCL/cm^3 -------------- 2
volume of water/cm^3 -----------------4

basically can someone help me to work out the concentration of the propanone, iodine and H+ ions
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