Ok so basically at the end of every term our 6th form does an impromptu "Guitar Day" we're a lot of us bring in acoustics and its a big ass Jamming Session all day, and its always a great laugh, At christmas we Finished by walking around the School to "Why Don't You Just Get a Job?" and at Easter we did "Swing Life Away" now we need another big Finale song, so Any ideas that work well with a bunch of acoustics and singers would be awesome, thanks in advance

tl;dr: Need songs that sound cool on acoustics for a big group
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I hope to god that CC isn't an abbreviation for Cannibal Corpse.

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Friends- Led Zeppelin

It'll be great

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Stranger Things Have Happened - Foo Fighters
You're Getting Married - The Replacements
Here Comes a Regular - The Replacements
Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls
On a serious note, I bet a large number of acoustics doing I Love To Say F*ck would be good.
Would be fun to sing, anyway.
I might have to get my sixth form to do an impromptu jam with a full range of instruments on last day; it would be awesome..

OT: erm.. Tribute - Tenacious D, I remember in our common room at Christmas we had one acoustic, and all the common room was singing to this.

also House of The Rising Sun..?
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