Poll: How many sports did you play in high school?
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9 13%
Voters: 70.
How many sports did you play at least one full season in high school and what where they?

I played football, wrestled, and played baseball. I also did track for about 2 weeks but I ended up quitting so that doesn't count.
I play varsity soccer and that's about it. I was going to try out for track, but then I realized I hate running.
well, High school sport in England, or at least at my school, is a lot different to that of American schools, so I had to put 0.
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I play varsity soccer and that's about it. I was going to try out for track, but then I realized I hate running.

Here here!!

I played soccer all 4 years in my HS, we won our school's first ever district championship than repeated the next year!! I loved those days
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I'm gunna follow with the 'better things to do' bit
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High Jump and Chav Hunting were my favourites :P

I did join the rugby squad to take out my anger on people I didn't like haha
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wrestled, 7 - 10 grade, quit half way through tenth grade because I switched to cyber school and it wasn't any fun for some reason.... I dont know why, but whatever
i played soccer for an outside team not related to school does that count?
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I was a Sprinter for track and did a little bit of cross country but
I couldn't balance it out with school work haha :P
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High Jump and Chav Hunting were my favourites :P

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Cross Country and Track & Field, with a rather large hint of Skateboarding outside of school.
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I did football in first year, rugby the next, none last, and probably rugby next.
I've wrestled for 6 years and I have a year of cross country. Wrestling's getting really old though because it takes a lot of time away from music in my life.
diving and volleyball. i like jumping
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I had better things to do

Exactly. Stuff like participating in real man activities like guitar and studying.
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I dunno, I'm not really interested in most sports at my school. A lot of people are in athletics at my hs, but it's hardly an athletic school.
In first year I played Badminton, Tennis, Rugby and Hurling.
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Football, Basketball, Athletics. It's not really the same in the UK though...
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I played lacrosse last year, and started again this year but quit because I can't stand most of the people that play sports at my school.

Oh yeah and to focus on guitar.