So today I was at my local music store(Long and McQuade), and while I was there I was just testing out some guitars just for fun and I was also looking threw some TAB books. But then as I was testing out a Gibson SG, I saw a guy (he looked like he was in his 20's). He was trying out the Epiphone Les Paul Special ll. So I asked him if he was gonna buy it. and he said yes. I was like are you sure? Dont u want to test a different guitar before you actually buy that guitar? he said he just wanted a practice guitar, since it was his first guitar. So I said there are a bunch of better practice guitars. So I suggested to him a Fender Squir and he was like this is much better! I also suggested to him a Godin Detour(the guitar i have) but what i just notice as he told me. He only had about $250 to spend on a guitar. So the best choice he choose was the Fender Squir($200 plus gig bag). I asked him what amp he was gonna buy and he told me his friend has an amp that he never uses. So then one of the employees came and asked the same guy if he needed any help, and the guy said no, I already got help from this dude. I was like sweet I helped out someone out on picking a guitar. And i dont even work there.

I'm sorry but i just had to share this story.