After visiting several profiles I've seen a lot of attractive users. Unfortunately I don't bow to searchbar o'mighty so I don't if this event was created before my arrival upon this forum.

So, the pit, let's find out who's the hottest representative of both female and male sexes.

How this works?

Well, you have to send a nice picture of your self to the judges.

Please no porn/nude/eccentric content material, the users who will send this to the judges will get automatically eliminated from UG's beauty contest.

What I need?

-I need admins approval for this event to happen
-I also need 4 more judges to help me find the hottest member of UG's familly
-I really want Pit's approval

The elimination

The elimination will be based on NHL playoff selection model

We'll have two conferences: Male conference and Female conference

Only half of the applicants for each conference will advance into the playoffs, the rest will be eliminated

more details to come...
We should also do a 2009 top 100, eh?


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