I know this one wont be what most people here would listen to. But I suspect several of you might have a producers hat on and can toss me some ideas..

A little country type ditty I just finished (but am still kind of in the process of mixing) with a young lady named Jennifer Pearl.

This one fought me every step of the way.. still is actually..

If anyone has any thoughts on how to clean up this mix would be it would be much appreciated..

Doesn't really sound like it, but there is a LOT going on in this one and they dynamics and trying to get it to work has been a real #&$&~!!!

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There's too much going on.
It sounds too hurried.
There isn't a definite enough beat.
Not enough pauses in the vocals.
All the same volume and dynamic - no let-up!
A lot of phrases are beginning with grace notes, or not hitting the note first time.
Same drum beat throughout.
Abrupt ending.
Strat, thanks for the help

Have another listen if you get a chance..

I brought down the bass and up the kick. Dropped the backup vocals and two guitars a bit and took all mastering off and am just running it naked from the mixer, hopefully helping add some dynamics that got squashed out with the mastering..

Appreciate the time~!
It sounds too tired now. I think it was an arrangement problem, not a mixing problem.
I will help you analyze the song. I am no real good at mixing, though. Even my own material I just guess at what to do.

-Some of the vocal lines are to rush into the next line. For example at 33 seconds the lines kind of bunch together. This reoccurs at 1:52.

-Some of the vocal harmonies don't sound properly mixed. They sound good, just not mixed well. It sounds like the male vocal is pushed to far to the side in some parts. At 1:52 the harmonies are off beat with each other. This seems to be intentional, and it may inevitably be better it problem A (see above) is corrected.

-The drums aren't bad, but I just don't think the work on the snare is effective for the song. Its kind of overdone in terms of snare work, and the beat remains the same throughout the whole song.

-At 1:42 the little riff in the back kind of sounds out of place. It may also be the mixing. Its not that bad, it just kind of pops in my ear.

Those are the biggest problems. It seems pretty well mixed, actually. Your worst problem comes in regarding the spacing between lyrical lines (a compositional error).
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Heres my two bits, theres not one single constant rythem instrument, its just a bunch of different instruments comeing in at different times,

I think if you have a acoustic play the chords throughout the whole song, pull that through the mix so its noticible, then have the other instruments come in at specific parts, or you could do each instrument has a short solo, or you can have the acoustic violen and steel guitar play the rythem and the other insturments come in as needed or wanted.

As everyone else has said, you rushed the lyrics a bit, theres no break, like after the chours you should put a 2 bar or 4 bar musical break, just so you can get your bearings and to give the listener a chance to take it all in.
Thanks for the thoughts everyone..

The results of this song being busy are likely the results of what happens when a guy with Jazz roots lays down a country tune..

The two step bass over the chugging drums being held by the erratic piano everything in time but using different signatures.. the rapid fire lyrics etc.. everything dancing around each other...

So the song is buy by intent.. not so much to be taken as traditional country but an out of the box and comfort zone kind of piece..

However I didn't intend to take the listener out of the comfort zone..

I'll get back to work on it..

Thanks everyone for the valuable thoughts..