So anyways, I've been trying to make something different for a while for this board, since all there is is death/prog metal. Made up a little rap-rock-ish riff (not really rage against the machine-like, but defintely not lil wayne >_<, and then went from there, and now 2 hours later, this is what I came up with...

i tried to make the drum solo really..... complex or driving, or both, i don't know, came out wrong in that triplet-ish measure after the 11ths things and I messed around that one measure for like 30 minutes and said i'd come back to it later.

I got stuck right after that, maybe that was just an intro, or put a guitar solo after that....
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The rhythm guitar part was extremely dissonant and kind of painful. The bass part was very pleasant sounding. It didn't seem like much of a riff because it didn't go together too well. I would keep the bass part the way it is for sure. The drum part was not too bad and neither was the lead guitar. The main thing that needs to be changed is the rhythm guitar and then focus on making the music flow better.