My profile has all of my music on it, but im specifically talking about the song "Clypaeastroida, 2nd mix"; I liked it enough to let a friend have a listen and then re-record and mix it. I wanted to do something that had a large envolope and sounded big and epic. Im a big fan of post-metal/rock bands like Explosions inthe Sky and G!YBE, and especially Jesu, so you might be able to hear some of those in the mix. As a next step I am thinking about putting in a lead synth (I downloaded RubberDuck from d-lusion and it is awesome) Its about sand dollars if you are wondering. Thanks for listening, and leave comments if you care to. If you have experience recording/good ears, tell me if you notice anything I can improve mix-wise; Im using Krystal (which also is pretty amazing for a free program)

Ok, I will definetly check that book out. I think alot of the problem might be that im using a really crappy computer mic and cant afford to invest in something better for the time being.

I was also looking for comments on the composition of the song; is it interesting? Does the layering come through? What could I do to make it a better song? (aside from recording concerns)
Towards the beginning I felt I could've forgiven the mix/recording if the guitars had carried it away as in being mic'd different etc.

Feels obvious in direction, but it goes nowhere, not sure if this is what you were going for. I felt as if I was listening to a blatant filler track? But the mixing doesn't help much at all (nor tone of the guitars imo) Perhaps if you change the mood of the song after the first two repeats, I feel like you could have something good on your hands here.

C4C?? tear me a new one with your crit
Song is in profile "The Harbinger (extended-no solo)" top of the list
(Place comments into my thread please?)
OK, check your thread theres some feedback. Thanks for listening! Ill update this thread as I try to get a better sound for this
IDK if its my speakers, (which suck, there labtech LCS-150 battire powered speakers) But to me theres a tone of bass comeing out of if. The guitar sounds great, and it is more like a backing track for a solo, So I think you need to mix it up a bit throughout the song to make it more interesting.
OK So I redid all the guitar parts with analouge distortion and re-mixed everything to what I thought was a better overall sound. Its on my profile as "Clypaestroida 3rd Mix"
Let me know what you all think; does the mixing sound better? What instruments are too loud or too soft? Is the guitar tone any better?
Today I spent all my time adding new vocals, drums, and a few new sections to this peice. Its uploaded on my profile as "Clypeasterioda: Iteration 4" if anyone is interested. Please leave comments, and I am definetly down for c4c; leave me a critique and Ill for sure check out/crit one of your recordings.

Heres the new version
This is deffnitly the best version out of them all, you pulled the the rythem up just enough and your lead was at the perfect volume, I see you reworked the drums, they work much better now, now the only thing you need to do is increase the overall volume of the mix, I had to turn it up a bit. But good job man, takes a while to master something dosent it.

Take a look at this if your interested in how someone can get a heavy tone out of a Acoustic amp. I do all sorts of crazy crap like that. lol. Listen to "Stand Up" and "Evil Lives Inside". My style is similar to your song except mines more fast paced and complicated.

I listened to Clypeasterioda: Iteration 4

this isn't my usual music type, but i liked it.

i don't think i'm the best one to criticize, but at about 7:17, the bongo/drums die out. I think they could go farther 'til the end, but it's just my opinion.

either way the song was really impressive
*Listens to your newest edit*
I love it. Definitelly sounds like one or two tracks of off Jesu's self-titled, maybe "Walk On Water".