I have no idea what to do next. Ive been playing electric guitar since early 2008 (since i got my first guitar - a fender starcaster from target ), but just in the past 4 months have i been consistent. I know practically all of the major chords, most of the basic minor chords, the first minute of YYZ, the intro to Spirit of Radio, most of The Ocean by Led Zeppelin, and pieces of Limelight by Rush, the solo to Wish You Were Here, and some other songs.

everytime i pick up my guitar im willing to bust my ass and learn new things, but i dont have any idea what to practice anymore. so could i get some help on where to go next?
and i was actually say go play all of yyz since thats what im currently doing
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big rush fan like me ehh, the limelight solo aint to hard
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solid state. when she screams it pisses me off


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big rush fan like me ehh, the limelight solo aint to hard

Well when i attempt to play the solo with tremolo my POS guitar goes out of tune

and can you explain what appregios are? i know i sound like an idiot but w/e thats inevitable