So, I've got an Ibz S470, which I managed to get for £320, 60 less than the £380 RRP. And I'm now trying to increase my optimism of somehow getting a LP Studio in worn/faded cherry for less than £400, one way or another, lets hope the bay does me a favour.

So with this, I was curious of what other guitarists best bargains have been? Best snapped up ebay deals etc, how much you saved etc.
i made a guitar in woodshop, so i got an accoustic for free!
its not a bad job either, but a tiny intonation issue i cant fix
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My Jackson RR5FR I got 25% off the Store original selling price or my WRMG and DKMG I got For free from neighbor.
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Modulus Quantum 5 fund-$2150/$3369
Like-new Schecter C-1 Classic w/ hardcase for $450. =)
'tis beautiful
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
Carvin Bolt for $300 US. Plays soooooooooooooo nice and it has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge that was included.
Friend bought an Ibanez RG1550M beginning of this year, and decided he hated it. It was $1000, and he traded it to me for my 4 year old Dean Cadillac I bought for $650. He has yet to realize just how bad he screwed up, but he couldn't care less, 'cause he loves the Cad over the Ibz.
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Dunlop Original Crybaby - £26

Though the pot wore out after 6 months

Logic Studio - £180

eBay rules. Down from £300.
Gibson ES 335 for $450 off a friend
Epiphone Les Paul Classic
Boss GT-8
Breedlove AD/25 SR Plus

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Jackson Dominion for 650, Peavey 5150 half stack for 700, Gibson sg supreme for 750

Jackson Mark Morton Dominion
Mesa Dual Rect 2 Channel
Marshall JCM900 1960 cab
MXR Distortion for $15 bucks (usd)
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Crate V33 212 Combo
DigiTech Whammy IV
Dunlop Crybaby
MXR Classic Distortion
Ibanez DE-7 Delay
Boss GE-7 Equalizer

I got a Peavey 5150 combo for 500$. Yeah, I think thats the best deal in the world. I'm so grateful to have it and get it at such a great price.
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Peavey 5150
I got my boss gt -10 for 499.99 because of a marking error ehhehehe and my takamine acoustic i got for 500 while it retails for 1200 3 or 4 years ago
Ibanez SA220EX + set up for $150.
best guitar i have ever played,
i'm emotional attacked
I got my Genz Benz amp head for $1000 AUD brand new out of the box. Was pretty happy with that, it usually goes for 2.3k new here.

My RGR421EXFM was freakn sweet at $500 AUD, not really cos I got it cheap (usually $700ish) but because it should be worth like 1k, ridiculous quality guitar.
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Sometime in the early 90s I got for $50.00 for a mint 68 Fender Strat in the usual sunburst finish with original HSC and paper work and tool I scored at a yard sale in Concord, Ma I turned around and resold it for big bucks. The people selling it had no clue what it was supposedly the previous owner of the house they bought left it there it sat in their closet for almost 20 years. It looked like no one ever touched it the only problem was the string were original and useless. When I took it to the guitar shop to replace the strings this guy just started drooling over it and wanted to buy it but he didn't have the cash and because it was Sunday the banks were closed of course I wouldn't take a check because I had no clue who he was, he even offered me an extra hundred to hold on to it till Monday. I never told him what I paid. If I held on to it I expect it would be worth over ten grand today maybe more.

The other great deal I got was for a rare early 70s Les Paul custom with P90s and case for $250.00 about a year ago. The guys selling it must of had a drug problem he was asking $750.00 and the longer we negotiated the stranger he started acting I could tell he was jonesing. That was my cue to walk away and he came over and said he would take 250. I think if I waited even longer I could have got it for less but the guy was making me nervous. I never go alone when carrying a large amount of cash I wasn't worried about getting robbed I thought the guy was going to die. He even had me drop him off at what I assume was his dealers house! It was the least I could do. LOL

^Luckiest asswhole, ever.

I manage to get better prices for **** I don't want and can afford instead of stuff I want and can't afford. Guess I have no luck.

Although the MXR Dime Disto. was free.
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MIM start with david gilmour emg's with case for 280, 6505 head for 550, and eyeing a rg550 for 350.

Also picked up my s 470 for 250 off ebay years ago.
A bunch of RG's
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Washburn WI66V Pro. Only £200, and another 10 for a small fretboard damage.
I'm fairly sure it was worth around 400 or so, and its discontinued now, so...awesome.
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2 guys on this forum just got guitars for $50 and less. those are some amazing deals right there.

me, personally though? I got $50 knocked off the price of my Omen 6. and it was for a chip in the paint that i probably did myself and it happened a hell of a lot more after i bought it and played it at home. the finish is so thin...
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I think I ended up paying just over $300 for my DXMGT from GC after one of the employees gave me a discount and I haggled him down a bit because I was buy a bunch of crap. Still haven't found a guitar under $700 that feels better.

I was on Craigslist last month and saw a Road King Series II combo for $1800 and it looked to be in perfect shape. Unfortunately someone snapped it up faster than me.

I also found a Carvin MTS 3200 head and some sort of Jackson Professional (MIJ) for $450 on Craigslist but the guy never e-mailed me back. The head had some stickers on it and looked like it had obtained a lot of dust but the cab didn't have any major tolex tears. I figure I could have sold the head and cab separate for nearly $400 or $450 and got a free MIJ Jackson with a decent Jackson licensed Floyd and some sort of aftermarket pickups (never said what they were).
Fender metalhead half-stack for $600 when they were going for $1800. Crap amp but whatever.

Peavey 5150 head for $450 wasn't shabby

Schecter Diamond Series 006 Elite with EMG 81 and EMG Ft for $170

I thought my best deal was the Ibanez RG570, original case and whammy bar for $325. Seriously, look on eBay and even the beat up ones go for roughly $500. Mine only had one little chip on it and is in a rare color.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I got a Jackson DXMG for $200. Traded that for my S series Ibanez.
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Right well... First off I won a Ltd ec-1000 in a soloing contest, it was £5 to enter. I sold that for £700 and bought my ESP eclipse II with the money from it and and extra £200 (so you could say I got an ESP eclipse II for £205) Next I won a Randall KH-120 and a Ltd KH-202 in a total guitar magazine competition. I sold the KH-202 for £350 as it was horrible to play and just felt nasty (in a bad way) I used the money from that to buy a Peavey 6505+ head from a place called nevadamusic.co.uk. They sent me a email of a 20% discount off everything on the site (This was at about 12:30 at night and I was a bit drunk). I think it was something like MAYMADDNESS3. So I went on the site and added the Peavey to my basket went to the checkout, typed it in and it worked. Then I thought why not try MAYMADDNESS2 and 1 and so on. In the end I got it down to £360ish before it wouldn't go down any more. I did the same for a Fender American strat but I got an email on the Monday about that saying that I'd used too many discounts and they could only accept one, they asked if I still wanted it but I said no (I couldn't afford it with only the 20%off) as for the 6505+ though that arrived on the Thursday and they never said anything about it.
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Found a Hohner 1550 Amp in a dumpster. Needed a bit of fixing up but it plays alright. Not terribly great but I didn't have an amp at the time. Takes pedals really nice.
2007 Highway 1 telecaster for £349 when they were retailing at £499

Laney VC30 2x10 for £370 instead of £429

Gibson Gary Moore BFG for £845 instead of £999
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Not my best deal, but just won a rg 2550z on ebay for about 600 when all said and done.
A bunch of RG's
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Vox AC15 CC1X £400

RRP: About £600
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I got a Carvin Legacy head for $400 on ebay. It was going to be $500(a great deal anyway), but I got an ebay coupon for $100 off the day before the auction ended.....t'was great timing so I got it for $400.
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I got my ESP MH400 for 300 bucks, brand new.
at sam ash, with 500 dollars still on the tag.
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My Dean VMNT was just under $600 for me new.
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Brand new Jackson DK2M $260.
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Brand new Schecter C-1 FR I got for $245...
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In Australia where everything is overpriced due to import costs and a smaller market, you can get some awesome deals with some bargaining.

My Godin LG Signature has an RRP of AUD$3,000. I picked it up for $1,400. Nobody buys Godin here so it was sitting on their wall for around a year and a half and they just wanted to get rid of it.
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