does anybody ever use ONLY downstrokes when muting powerchords for riffs and stuff to get a more consistent, crunchy sound?

i wrote my own riff, and i was wondering if it was a practical thing to do for recording and such.

I find it A LOT easier to only downstroke only because you can't really get the wrist movement for alternative picking
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Down pick all the way for me. Unless it's 8th notes 240bpm and up, cause that's my speed limit.
Eh. I like to go with downstrokes(it just sounds wicked). But I normally use up and down strokes.
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depends on the feel of the song for me
all downstrokes has a much more...beastly, badass kind of feel to it
alternating strokes can sound smoother
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a song with an example of this is tornado of souls. for the main riff i cant downstroke fast enough to play it so i alternate pick it. downpicking does sound better for muting powerchords, i'm just not fast enough yet. on the other hand just single muted notes i don't hear a sound difference, such as in master of puppets, everyone knows its played with downstrokes, but james is a beast, i can't downpick that fast.