In most of the Red HOt Chili Peppers concerst JOhn Frusciante has three marshall full stacks in the back. Is he using all three at the same time? If so how is this possible? can i do it too?

here is a picture of two of those stacks mentioned.

most likely is he is using one and the others are for show
OR they are A/B'd
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You can get some sort of splitter for your cable (forget what it's called). For some people a wall of amps is just to get them psyched up to play (Malmsteen does this), and some people use a few amps to mix tones together.

You can do this too, but that's assuming you can afford to.
You can a/b them and switch between them (like Clapton in Cream) or use them all at once (hendrix isle of wight) but you don't really need a stack unless you're playing for throngs of people.
Different amps for clean/dirt
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Froosh uses one mic'ed stack for clean and one other for distortion.


The third stack is just backup/"look at me, I can have three Marshall stacks!"
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Froosh uses one mic'ed stack for clean and one other for distortion.

This. Major for cleans, silver jubilee for dirty cleans.
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You can buy individual channel/router doodads that the pros use. Slash, Michael Wilton (of Queensryche), Mike Mushok (of Stained), Joe Garvey (of Hinder) uses a Whirlwind Multi-Selector Four-Channel Selector. Mike Stone from Queensryche uses 4 Morley A/B boxes along with his B-52 AT-100 heads. Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge uses a GCX Switcher with his Two-Rock Custom 100/Bogner Uberschall/Mesa-Boogie Triple Rectifier/Fender Twin 65 Reissues. Mark Morton of Lamb of God uses a Palmer PGA-03 Y-Box Splitter for his two Mesa/Boogie Mark IVs.

You get the point?
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Noah Henson from Pillar uses a Bradshaw system to play a Splawn Quickrod and Dual Rectifier at the same time.
John splits the signal from his Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble. Major is for cleans (Strats), Jubilee is for distortion (Strats) and the second Jubilee is for Gretsch (which John didn't use as much as during the Cali or BTW tours) and Gibson LP (for Readymade, Black Cross [BTW tour]). He's not that type of guitar player who puts three stacks just to show off...
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