how do i report a thread?

what with that god awful image CGB89 has hosted, i feel i should know, in case i ever puke onto my keyboard again.

yes i will delete this once i know.
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It's just me and Doris here ;_;

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Poops is the chat MC - but here we know him as Early Cuyler.

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what exactly is he posting?

too scared to click
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I love that song! You are god for putting it into a poem

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Your hair is fckin epic, dude!!!


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no ****in way!
I don't even know you but I think I love you...

So awesome.

I hate my fucking username.
he morphed two hideous pics together?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

South Carolina Gamecocks

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Chef Strato-Massacre: Cooking shitstorms since that comment.

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Damnit why are you full of so much win
It's the little exclamation mark at the bottom of a person's post. By the thing that looks like a crooked check mark.
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Ask that 'my-pony-bit-me' guy, he's damn good at it.

Seriously though, just press the red exclamation mark at the bottom left of a post.