so the Jonas brothers were holding this contest where 100 people got picked to talk to the Jonas brothers live on web cam. my friends little sister won and my friend got to ask them questions. he asked

"what is your deepest darkest secret"
"are you guys virgins?"
"why do little girls like your music more then anyone"
"is nick gay"

keep in mind every one could see the questions (if you didn't have a mic you had to text them)

they kept ignoring him and so he asked
"would you guys have sex with each other for a extra 2 million on your paycheck?" then some guys who monitor the chat sent him a warning so he called them "giant ball licking homos who make crappy music to seduce fat 8 year old girls" and then he got banned from communicating. just thought i would share this epic moment of owning the Jonas brothers with the pit
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You just made me spit out my Kool-Aid all over my keyboard.

I don't see any ownage there.

I just see someone being a bit of a tit.

wait... no...

being a huge tit.
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I dislike the Jonas Brothers, but this isn't funny. This is just really immature.

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I'm sorry, but screen shots or it didn't happen.

Although the concept is funny.
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Could be funny, but there is no evidence of what was stated.
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