Ok for christmas I bought a Squire Vintage Modded Stratocaster for 300$ and then soon after I bought a 70$ Seymour Duncan Invader and put it in the bridge. this guitar is now 350$ at guitar center and with the humbucker its worth even more. I like this guitar a lot because it feels like it's my custom guitar, however it has one problem. every couple of months the truss rod needs to be fixed. i have tried to learn how to do it but i can never get it and since i cant every month or so i have to take it in to my local guitar shop to have the truss rod adjusted. i was thinking since this is a hassle for me weather i should sell the guitar and get a different one instead. I was thinking of selling it and buying a fender standard hss strat but i dont know if i should do this since buying it would set me back a little even after selling my guitar right now. so what should i do?
If you're having trouble, learn to fix it. If not, then sell it, since the Fender HSS Strat would be better anyway. Save up money, and put another Duncan in the bridge of that one if you're like me, and hate Fender pickups. Buying the Fender may set you back a little, but it'd be a better investment over time compared to the Squier.
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1 it wont be worth more to other people if you put that pick up in.
2 its probably worth even less if the truss needs adjustment every month
3 squier resale value is already dismally low even if it were in new condition.

keep it and save for a new strat. dont bother with the pickup either just save it for your next guitar if thats the kind you like.
Yeah, I would get rid of it and if you can save any more money buy a good Fender of your choice. Thats just what I would do because I know the truss rod can be a huge pain in the arse.
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1. put the original pickup back in the squire
2. sell it for however much u can
3. get the fender, put the invader in the fender
4. ???????????
5. profit

had to do it. sorry. but thats my suggestion.
Save Gibson

^Do it, if you want Gibson to stop with the poor QC and terrible new guitars...
if u saved the original pickup then take the invader out and sell the squier. then buy the fender and put the invader in it. buying the fender, even though it may set you back a little, will be beneficial in the long run.

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I would imagine the stock pickup being better than the invader from what i hear

But yeah honestly any guitar you have is going to have that "problem" which is really just a normal thing for a guitar. Wood expands and contracts with variations in humidity and head which causes it to get offset and therefore require an adjustment.

I doubt with the $50 price increase you'll get much more for it, especially since it's a squier.
For what you would get for it selling it, it's hardly worth it. If you like the guitar, but are just fed up with the neck you may want to consider a Warmoth replacement neck. The cheapest ones they have are $157. Sometimes you can find them on ebay for less, but the quality is far superior to what's on your guitar now. Some people may argue that you'd be throwing good money after bad, and you'll have to do some research to make sure the new neck would fit properly on a Squire, but for $157 you would end up with a pretty decent guitar that may be worth keeping until you can get yourself something really nice.