-1x12 guitar speaker cabinet - $50
This is a homemade cabinet that is very solid. It features a 12" Eminence Lady Luck speaker in it (most commonly seen the Epiphone Valve junior cabinet). This is a closed back cabinet as well. Someone should probably jump on this

Just saw this browsing craigslist, is this a steal, should I jump on it? I don't really need a cab, but I'm guessing it would probably be a step up from my HT-5 combo's 10inch speaker. Question is is this a huge steal, I really know nothing about cab prices..
I don't know much about cabs and stuff but I would buy it. If it'll be better than your Ht-5's speaker, get it.
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not if i buy it first!! haha jk.

anyways buy it. deals like that dont come around very often

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Thanks guys, looks like my gut was right here.

I'm trying to talk myself out of it: I don't "need" it, it isn't exactly pretty looking(compared to the blackstar it is just tacky), and the place is 40min away. But I guess I'll be shooting him an email and trying to pick it up anyways, ha!

What should the resale value on something like this be usually?
The speaker alone would usually run you that much new.

Sounds like a good deal to me.
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