Well, it's come to this:
The point where I ask a question about my upcoming fretless.

Ziricote Fingerboard
Wenge Neck

From what I can tell, and what I've reearched, those will be fairly smooth to play on, and don't need a finish on the bare wood.

I'm going to Warmoth, and the sales department told me it MAY be a bad idea to epoxy the neck:

"[F]inishing only the fingerboard and not the back of the neck can result in adverse stability problems for the whole neck…… and is probably not a real good idea."

Can anybody tell me if that is true, and why?
I use Rotosound roundwound for that wonderful tone. Hence, it's probably a REAL bad idea to go barewood on my poor neck. The strings will chew it up.

I will apply the epoxy as soon as I get the neck, or at the least right before I put the bass together, so it won't be as labourous as if I had to take the neck off.

It's going to be a nice neck, that's for sure.
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